Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Reflections on A to Z 2016 - Let the Soul Pour

30 days - 2 blogs a day – 52 blogs altogether in a month- exhausted right!

True, it was lot of writing and sometimes you feel its pressure. But with it comes lot of insights as you surf and search. And that’s what a writer enjoys. His grey matter just needs more and more facts and feelings so that he can widen his outlook and reflect. And I gained that.

This was my second year so I went ahead to write two posts a day in two different genre – one prose with subject – festivals of India and the second – poetry – tender and soulful. the experience with both of them were different.

A bit of lagging at times but at last all accomplished on 30th April. That was great. So, at the end I would say I enjoyed this.

Talking about the poetry blog , I would like to mention that poetry for me needs a perfection. So I had a haunch at times that was writing a poetry every day affecting the quality. So I started giving more time to it - at times even the whole night. But at the end I thought I did justice. And best part was going through the poetry by some fellow bloggers.

So here goes the list: -- Poetry – let the soul pour

        A for Adore
       B for Beauty Surreal
           J for Journey to Life
K fo Kiss

Now, looking forward to next year with more varied themes and participation, in the meantime you all go through these and do put your comments. I’ll also relax and go through the posts by other participant bloggers.  

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Aditya Sinha

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Z for Zenith - A shape Poetry

                                                      On top,
             Finishing all letters,
                                         Adhering to both themes,
                                 Constantly & crafting day by day,
                         Reading other bloggers, researching for mine
                      Enriched further adding forever to both my blogs,
                Jubilant, ecstatic, now I feel on top with A to Z Challenge

      Slowly but surely, today I have scaled and reached blogging Zenith.

Aditya Sinha

Note : Shape Poetry is one in which the poetry takes the subject of the poetry. This makes it one of the most inventive form. Therefore, if the subject of your poem were of a flower, then the poem would be shaped like a flower. If it were of a fish, then the poem would take on the shape of a fish. ><<<*>

That’s for today with Z . And thus comes the end of the Challenge. Some ups & Downs but still completed all words on time. 


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                                                          B for Beauty Surreal 
                                                          C for Caress
                                                          D for Dedication
                                                          E for Euphoria
                                                          F for Fire of Love
                                                G for Grandeur Lost
                                                H for Hug
                                                I for I Love You
                                                 J for Journey to Life
                                                K of Kiss
                                                          L for Love Letter
                                                         M for Mother & Mother's Q
                                                                                N for Nostalgia & Nascent Life
                                               O for Only
                                               P for Possessive - Personified
                                     Q for Quiver
                                     R for Rejuvenate
                                     S for Soulmate - A Triolet Poetry
                                    T for Tears Deceitful
                                     U for Unborn Girl Childs plea
                                      V for Valentine - A Triolet Poetry
                                               W for Winner - A Lanturne Poetry 
                                                     X for Xmas - A Haiku Poetry
                                                     Y for You & Me - A Sedoka Poetry
                                                     Z for Zenith - A shape Poetry

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