Sunday 1 February 2015

Graduating to & .......

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In today’s world no girl can just stay as an ‘or’ in the family. She must have space for herself and add ‘&s’ to develop a personality in their own.
I have seen this in my family from generations. I can recall my Grandma a mother of 8 kids &, a worker in Indian railways & a land lady of over 25 bighas shouldering the responsibility of the family in British time (refer my tribute through blog   The Iron Lady - Tribute to my Grandma ). My mother giving birth to her first son at the age of 15 just after doing her boards developing into a mother of 4 & completing her PG & retiring as a Govt. teacher.  My sister developing into a homemaker & an artist & a teacher & an anchor. There are countless I can talk about but here I would take the opportunity to talk about my wife, Richa who developed as ‘I in herself ’ as my second post on the theme.

Here are a few lines to portray her:

Graduating to & .......

From the fort-city of Mardani she moved,
To the roads of capital to make facts proved,
A chirpy lass, then thin and frail,
Paving path inroad to corporate trail,
Her will strong, determined to portray,
She stood stall against every prey.

Together we would spend hours walking,
In the lanes of every sectors crossing,
I would talk of my girls in past,
She would count on the stalwarts vast,
Our characters apart, likes diverse.
Still would walk till time turns terse.

A day came when the road ceased to end,
And we decided to stay together till end.
From a daughter pretty to a bride fragile,
With every chorus of life, tough and agile,
Walking through thick as the friend of past,
Holding hands for the thin to never last.

Thus she moved and graduated adding &s
A mother of two and a friend for her teens,
A professor in job and a counsellor outside fence,
A chef for family and a partner immense,  
An academician writing and bookworm reading,
She stands apart, craving, accomplishing and leading.

Aditya Sinha


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