Thursday, 5 February 2015



In the journey of life divined,
As tides of time get left behind,
Individuals abound cross and meet,
Shoulder some, hold hands or tweet,
Create, develop, christian relations,
Parental, Societal, Nuptial or Eternal
I learn to reason relationships all,
And stay along, give them name.

Left behind is still one mate,
None the name, whom portray ornate,
Not only friend, kith or kin,
Separate apart still entwined,
Near or far, the essence is all,
For heart to throb, eyes gleam,
In your presence I feel elite,
Lost if you are I get deplete.

Somewhere in Heaven we were made,
To stay apart, not cross and meet,
With world separate as river banks,
Move along, parallel perpetual,
To complement each carry along,
Care, cajole, craft, comprehend,
You make me, make me complete.
A relation thus surreal, my Soul-mate.

Aditya Sinha


Written in reference to Indispire 50 edition #soulmate

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