Monday, 6 April 2020

E - End is the Beginning

E - End is the beginning

End is not the end as it seem,
The nascent origin here begin.
Where the horizon kiss the stream,
Golden beam from beyond gleam.

Crawling is loved, but never perpetual,
It needs to end and pave way to foot,
Only When the child sheds fathers grip,
Moves ahead and flies on his own trip.

A wailing daughter leaves her home,
Only to welcome a new sojourn, 
Where her maidenhood bids adieu, 
Motherhood embraces holy in lieu.

Life is a priceless gift, mortal though,
Journey has to end as years grow.
The remains dissolve in the nature due,  
Deeds from here make immortal true.

Thus as the sorrow within grow low and deep ,
Melodies craft sugary and sweet.
To all clouds thus high or low,

There stands a lining true to glow.

Aditya Sinha

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