Tuesday, 7 April 2020

F for Flesh & Blood

F for Flesh & Blood

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Ecstatic you were,
O Mama dear,
When first you missed,
Count of days, monthly this year,

Stealthily you checked,
And got assured, 
Jubilant at heart, 
You announced  to world.

Elated Daddy you Hugged tight,
And with Grandma you danced, all night,
To one and all in the world you announced,
Merry was inside, Merry you made loud.

Just three months down the lane, 
Why your bliss drained in vain,
I am your own flesh and blood
What matters if I'm man or dame ?

Let me live, see the new world, 
Stand by my side, hold me tight,
I'll hold your head perpetual high,
Do all that a man can try.

More and more, I'll go a step ahead, 
Spread your gene, craft new flesh and blood,
Give me life, I'll pass down the line,
You give me name, I'll grow thy scion.

Aditya Sinha

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