Saturday, 14 March 2015

Woman - The living Deity

The living Deity! Revered thou art!
From ages past, till the hours existent,
From early men to sages and sovereign,   
In epics old to the holy books behold,
All announce and revere thou along,
For thou art divined to run the world till eternity.

You make the world a perpetual living,
Christening Mother, an eternity caring,
Chirping toddler or as woman young,  
The Angel divine to a sister sharing fun, 
As friend you stand with hand in hand,
As wife you get entwined to live life long.

Soft you stay to nurture the tot,
Tough you turn to behold all lot,
Shoulder all burden in moments of need,
Trounce you crush, for crush to peak,
Kid you stay for your parent life long,
Yet en-womb progeny to life prolong. 

A shoulder you too need at times tough,
Yet your hug makes ease all life rough,
Fragile you stay as submission you love,
For family, friend, even foes with dove,
But resilient you turn with vengeance to curb,
If modesty robbed, character questioned.

Thus thou art Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh,
Christened by Almighty, as creator in living,
Through stages of life, autumn or spring,
To make life, nurture or even end the string,
Vow thus we must! with a selfish wish,
To shield thou, The Deity living, from Worlds’ all evil weaving. 

Aditya Sinha

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

To my sweet valentine...

Valentine symbolizes love. Love is not just about romancing around, passing roses, exchanging gifts. It’s not a ritual of one day or a week but a feeling more deep rooted more blessed. It’s not just a fun fare for the valentine week and then turning back and moving to once own path once the valentine day is over.   

So what more perpetual can we have than a smartphone in today’s world and that too if it suits your pocket. With Asus Zenphone I just felt the same … A sweet Valentine, and I could not stop myself but expressing through my verses …... 

“To my sweet valentine …..”

I cheer aloud in public to woo,
Asus Zenfone is my Valentine true,

With the sexy feel and pretty look,
You make me yearn and try to hook,

Thou vast space and the swift pace,
Makes me rule all knights’ race,

The features abound and virtues rooted,
Helps me hang to my family n friends fruited,

Mobbed around or sitting in solitude,
You stay along as companion attuned,

With your eyes sharp, clear and crisp,
You capture all sharp and swift,

You sing soulful when I’m not right,
You rock at high with party all night,

You work simple and are easy to handle,
Though tough you are built with core Intel,

Enormous is the scope, endless opportune,
As christened you are, to handle multi-function,

I get sapped with work all day out,
You stay alive supporting through night stout,

You fill my world with romance all round,
Sometimes on lips and at others on finger tips,

I stay glued, entangled perpetual,
Admiring, surfing, socializing as ritual,

I love thus, my prized possession,
Embrace all day, you care all way.

I am complete with you, Asus Zenfone,
My Valentine True, My valentine True

You are truly coveted and I proudly own,
 If one touches you, I feel J and frown.

So that’s what I felt about and why I love my Asus Zenphone as my Valentine.

So sleek you keep it in the pocket, sexy touch you won’t feel like removing you fingers from it. The colourful body is tough to choose from.

What to talk about quality and performance?

The Intel core with dual core processor and big internal memory is all to give the enhanced high performance. To add on are the great sound, big display and tough built. Both the sound hardware and updated software makes it a real gem. The long battery life and inbuilt social apps are further benefits.

Best part is the cameras both front and back - high definition 13 megapixel primary  and 2 megapixel secondary – Great HD image …..

Oh! that’s a long list.

What more do you want?

And that too! at such an affordable price?

You just can’t miss it.

You too can possess one for yourself and feel the same with proud. Just buy this double SIM gem by visiting at

Aditya Sinha

This blog post is written in reference to 

Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone. Pamper yourself!

contest by Asus Zenphone.

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Friday, 6 February 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Blogging is not a job or a profession – it’s a reflection of the interest of the personality. A medium one adapts to share and reveal. And thus in turn actually relieves oneself from day to days stress.

So recognition of interest is actually recognition of your personality. An award in any form elates you and when the award is for your interest your passion – you feel at the top of the world. Thanks Shweta – Thanks a lot for nominating me for the so special ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’. I am more delighted as this comes from a versatile blogger herself. Since the day I chanced through her page Sunshine and Zephyr -, I wait for something new to come esp. poems (as I myself like poems the most).

Shweta Dave – as she says about herself is a “management consultant with a perspective on everything”.  – Shweta - this is a part of the strength that I mention in my CV as my strength – Management at every level of my life.
She adds that her friends refer to her as loyal, moody and a person with whom one can comfortably confide anything – perhaps this is all which reflects in her writing. As a versatile blogger she pens poetry beautifully both in Hindi and English, even recites beautifully, and writes on varied other topics. “All the best” - Shweta.

Now as The Versatile Blogger Award rule says:

§  Display the award on your blog
§  Thank the person who nominated you
§  Share 7 facts about yourself
§  Nominate 15 blogs
§  Link your nominee’s blogs and let them know

Hmmm - 7 facts about me –

1.  I am a Management Professional in Media Industry – presently working as Unit Head with Media House – Hindustan Media ventures Ltd. and rolling out the Hindi Newspaper Hindustan daily in the city of Aligarh and around. Entangled in the web of numbers and carrying the team to dynamically make it available as the first thing in the morning is my priority.
2.  Perhaps simple & sensitive at heart, straight forward always ready to lend shoulders for heavy hearts – is what all say about me.
3.  Writing is my passion. From the days of writing letters to the modern days of blogging – I write to reflect. Most of the things I talk about – are things that have touched my heart – personally or socially. Poetry is the best form I feel to reflect through. I try my hands both in English & Hindi (Enigma Unfolded & Mere Panne).
4.  A perfectionist they say – But a perpetual learner - I feel. Sometimes when things in the society are going wrong – I put them in my articles.
5.  A cook for my family. I love cooking for my kids and my family even when I return from work late in the night. This acts as a stress buster for me. My recipes are on my page Regional Cuisine
6.  I respect womanhood. You would find this everywhere in my writings.
7.  I cherish relationship – My family and the people around are my world whom I would never like to drift away. All such experiences I write at Traversing Mind.

Oh that was tough….

Now my Nominations and the links:

As this blog page is basically for Poetry I would like to put the 15 names in Poetry format (giving justice to my page)
In the virtual world of Net,
I meet bloggers real reflect,
Some talk sweet, others critique,
Draw Memoir or Fiction treat.

Rhyming verses from reflecting Hearts,
Boiling Minds pouring Intellect,
Lands diverse from lands afar,
On a platform common unite alive.

From the class of all class apart,
I am told to select and nominate,
I flip through pages, ponder a lot,
Stay confused, for it’s a task of test.

Yet to honour my bloggers mate,
I include Indrani, Amrita, Nandini & Paresh
Shruti, Remya, Amita & Vikram,
Suman, Kokila, Megha, Saru as another some.

Tennyson, Chirag & Yogi makes my list complete,
Bloggers versatile, pardon me, if your names I missed,
My endeavour would remain further incomplete,
Without gratitude to Shweta, a versatile herself & made me one nominate.

 The Links :

14. Saru Singhal -
15. Chirag Joshi -

So that’s there. Thanks once again and all the best.

Aditya Sinha


Thursday, 5 February 2015



In the journey of life divined,
As tides of time get left behind,
Individuals abound cross and meet,
Shoulder some, hold hands or tweet,
Create, develop, christian relations,
Parental, Societal, Nuptial or Eternal
I learn to reason relationships all,
And stay along, give them name.

Left behind is still one mate,
None the name, whom portray ornate,
Not only friend, kith or kin,
Separate apart still entwined,
Near or far, the essence is all,
For heart to throb, eyes gleam,
In your presence I feel elite,
Lost if you are I get deplete.

Somewhere in Heaven we were made,
To stay apart, not cross and meet,
With world separate as river banks,
Move along, parallel perpetual,
To complement each carry along,
Care, cajole, craft, comprehend,
You make me, make me complete.
A relation thus surreal, my Soul-mate.

Aditya Sinha


Written in reference to Indispire 50 edition #soulmate

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Graduating to & .......

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.

In today’s world no girl can just stay as an ‘or’ in the family. She must have space for herself and add ‘&s’ to develop a personality in their own.
I have seen this in my family from generations. I can recall my Grandma a mother of 8 kids &, a worker in Indian railways & a land lady of over 25 bighas shouldering the responsibility of the family in British time (refer my tribute through blog   The Iron Lady - Tribute to my Grandma ). My mother giving birth to her first son at the age of 15 just after doing her boards developing into a mother of 4 & completing her PG & retiring as a Govt. teacher.  My sister developing into a homemaker & an artist & a teacher & an anchor. There are countless I can talk about but here I would take the opportunity to talk about my wife, Richa who developed as ‘I in herself ’ as my second post on the theme.

Here are a few lines to portray her:

Graduating to & .......

From the fort-city of Mardani she moved,
To the roads of capital to make facts proved,
A chirpy lass, then thin and frail,
Paving path inroad to corporate trail,
Her will strong, determined to portray,
She stood stall against every prey.

Together we would spend hours walking,
In the lanes of every sectors crossing,
I would talk of my girls in past,
She would count on the stalwarts vast,
Our characters apart, likes diverse.
Still would walk till time turns terse.

A day came when the road ceased to end,
And we decided to stay together till end.
From a daughter pretty to a bride fragile,
With every chorus of life, tough and agile,
Walking through thick as the friend of past,
Holding hands for the thin to never last.

Thus she moved and graduated adding &s
A mother of two and a friend for her teens,
A professor in job and a counsellor outside fence,
A chef for family and a partner immense,  
An academician writing and bookworm reading,
She stands apart, craving, accomplishing and leading.

Aditya Sinha