Monday, 25 April 2016

U for Unborn Girl Child's plea

Unborn girl child’s plea
(Female Foeticide)

Oh Mamma dear!
I am all your own,
Sweet little Cherub,
Crafted of your flesh,
Drenched of your blood,
Cultured in your thoughts,
Growing moral mortal.

Your eyes filled with joy,
When you first tested true,
In three months down,
Why your bliss lost hue,
Just because your dear angel,
Didn’t turn out to be a dude.

Give me a chance to live,
Nothing is there I can’t do,
Tinkling in the courtyard,
To cooking food for all crew,
Share loads of your shoulders,
Even enrich stranger’s home a new,

For some failure of my father,
You all are set to punish me rather,
Those that all can’t perform,
Only Angels can do, I promise,
Without women in the world,
There can’t be any progeny.

I am the beauty of creation,
Sojourn in homes as wealthy possession,
I personify care, and turn into strength,
To share all grief & heighten hours ebullient
I would be there for all sacrifice,
To love you all and give new life.  

Give me a chance to come in your lap,
And make world beautiful when you wrap.
Let me enjoy the Almighty’s creation,
And enrich you as Mother Creation,
Forever I will stay by your side,
And shelter all as banyan tree wide.

Please Mamma dear!
Don’t kill me in your womb,
You have borne the lovely seed,
Let me grow into tree and weed,
Fight all foes, flee all fear,
I promise tomorrow, all would cheer. 

Aditya Sinha

That’s for today with U . Tomorrow it would be another pour from Soul “V”
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