Friday, 15 April 2016

M for Mother & Mother's Q...

The first word that comes to mind with M is Mummy - Mamma - Mother - Ma. I have earlier written poems as tribute to this novel creator of world and the link to two of them are as below.

Now for this A to Z challenge it is Mumma's quandary ....... For the Mother a daughter is her best friend and so is the mother for the Girl child. And this poem tries to portray Mumma's dilemma as she grows old .....

 Mom and Babe - Thanks to Thou
 Mom and Babe - Thanks to Thou
Mother - An Epitome of Sacrifice

Mother’s Q……

Close to my heart,
Wrapped in my arms,
You opened your eyes,
Glistened eyes mine,
Counting thy fingers,
Tenderly surfing with care,
Your heart beat Soft
Thumped with mine,
There came your cry,
For all your needs,
Satiating all your wish,
I felt saintly blissed.

Tomorrow when I grow old,
And nobody stands close,
My cries would be in silence,
My Angel would you hold me close?

Loosening the clasp,
You paced nascent step,
Balancing Steps to Stride,
And to wings of freedom,
Cautiously I watched,
Shielding and sculpting,
Carpeting your path,
Letting the doors open,
You held your head high,
Scaled new Horizon,
With every success of yours,
My heart swelled in pride.

Tomorrow when my limbs go frail,
And my eyes draw hollow,
Longing to soar I wail,
My Angel would you hold me tight?

All through the night's dark,
To dispel Clouds roar and bark,
Awake I lay by your side,
Sang songs and read tales,
In hours of angst,
Or on days you were sick,
My heart sank, I felt low,
I prayed forever giving pills.
Now you have him to share all,
Lay by your side, caress warm,
You would grow dawn as mom,
I will ever-cherish you growing along.

Tomorrow when my intellect die,
Nothing recollects, draw a blank,
Lost aloof I try to evoke  futile,
My Angel would you lead me close?

Aditya Sinha

That’s for today with M. Tomorrow it would be another pour from Soul “N”
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