Wednesday 20 April 2016

Q for Quiver

(Continuation of O for ONLY)


All through the day & on to night,
In hordes lost or when we two were quiet,     
My aim – my quest - my only sweet,
Artfully at her best- denying she retreat,

From game to grave, & mind to heart,
Care to crave, developed thus flirt,
Continued to hours when all crowd departed,
Approached the time for us to rest parted,

Executing ignorance for break she moved,
My eyes stayed to her perpetually glued,
Fervent steps and a brisk turn of curl,  
A breeze blissful left ablaze & mind swirl

In solitude I lay on terrace under moon,
With tranquil light to torment swoon,
Senses to dreams she moved along me,  
Enthralling eyes, alluring gait deceit decree.

I lose my grip, drained heart, my lips pulsating,
I open my eyes, shiver & quiver longing for breath,
Shielding shimmer with her dusky hair she overlay,
Honouring my sweet soaked in nectar to my eternal dismay.

Aditya Sinha

Note : This is the second part of poem – O for Only where a lad plays with a word (SWEET made only for HIM) in some wedding gathering which is a common situation in Indian wedding functions.
Read it along with ONLY to have a complete feel. I’m sure, you would like it.

         That’s for today with P. Tomorrow it would be another pour from Soul “Q”
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