Friday, 8 April 2016

G for Grandeur Lost

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Whenever it comes for poetry - the first one that come to mind is 
Gaduating to &..
that I wrote last year as a tribute to a woman who has developed herself with time into a multi functional force of the family. 

However for my A to Z challenge another take is on the theme Grandeur Lost

Worn wooden gate,
With dust overladen,
And hinges junked broken,
Barely stood to protect,

I pushed screeching open,
The dust spread around,
Formless stood the walls,
With barren pasture in front,

In the centre still stood strong,  
The mammoth Mango tree,
With trunks spread around,
As trying to gather all,

But now bare and alone,
With no leaves to shade,
Nor full of mangoes luring,
Or the buds to rejuvenate,

My eyes run moist,
Heart stop to breathe,
Where once lives flocked,
Today languished for life. 

Frail & bleak it gazed ,
Reasoning treasures of life,
Why to give gene glamour,
Grandeur of past stand lost.

Aditya Sinha

That’s for today with G. Tomorrow it would be another pour from Soul “H”
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