Saturday, 16 April 2016

N for Nostalgia & Nascent Life

N is for Nostalgia and I'm linking one of my poems from 2009 on the theme NOSTALGIA.

But for this A to Z challenge I take another theme - Nascent Life and here it goes:


Nascent Life

Eyes closed and calm,
Mind pasturing abound,
Treading memory lanes,
Living life over again

Moving back in age,
From work to play,
Growing adult to young,
Cherishing all relation

Moments of Agony,
And hours of Fun,
Sharing and holding,
From one to many.

Day by day, again & again,
Learnings to Wisdom
In the life lone nascent
Mystery unfolds way.

Aditya Sinha

That’s for today with N. Tomorrow it would be another pour from Soul “O”
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                                               G for Grandeur Lost
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                                               I for I Love You
                                               J for Jealous
                                               K of Kiss
                                                         L for Love Letter
                                                         M for Mother & Mother's Q
                                                                               N for Nostalgia & Nascent Life
                                               O for Only
                                               P for Possessive - Personified
                                               Q for Quiver

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