Saturday 23 April 2016

T for Tears Deceitful

 Tears Deceitful

How do I believe?
What do I do?
Each time you trickle,
I stay wondering your hue.

Neither you are pale,
With turmoil of sorrow,
From life as he walks off,
And you stream in pain.

Even through hours of joy,
In life when news noble rain,
Spendthrift you join & drain,
But sweet still is not your taste.

Nor you run cold and frozen,
Through the dark when howls shriek.
Eyes shut or elate, heart drop & sink
You still run even, truce with your hue.  

Or with body unison trembling,
Breath and pulse are struggling,
You join heavenly trip and drip,
Still not hot, you stay as ever resembling.

You tear deceitful,
Tell me how I turn sane,  
To know your source,

And match when you drain.

Aditya Sinha


That’s for today with T . Tomorrow it would be another pour from Soul “U”
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