Thursday, 21 April 2016

R for Rejuvenate

Sapped & drained,
All foliage drooping,
Since three bold months,
They stood braving,

The burning Sun,
The summer heat,
Blowing ever strong,
The loo wind treat,

Water in ground,
Retreating down,
For life to revive,
The fight all night,

There with breeze,
Laden with drops,
Running from ocean,
Comes monsoon respite,

From South & west,
They move abreast,
Make new clouds,
Soaring with sound,      

Gathering more drops,
For land and crops,
From plains profound,
To peaks crowned,

From white to grey,
Turn light to dark,
Adds and multiplies,
Till hails silver ray,

With a loud thunder,
Celebrating its advent,
It drops from top,
The first rain drop,

All foliage bloom,
Glow with spark
For a new life circle
To start & Rejuvenate. 

Aditya Sinha


That’s for today with R. Tomorrow it would be another pour from Soul “S”
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