Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mom and Babe Thanks to thou

Mom and Babe - Thanks to thou

Exhausted and Sapped as I return,
His captivating looks waiting I discern,
Gone are my numerous sulken sores,
And liberated I feel from saddled chores.
I cuddle and clasp my chubby cheek
Eternally rejoice with his dimple deep,
I dance and play to his glowing eyes,
Truly succumb to his infectious smiles,
Enthralled with his carefree giggle,
Intoxicated I exult to his triumphant mingle.

Contented my eyes grin to his mother dear,
And we relive those days anxious and of fear,
Her jubilant eyes, longing and expectant,
Once rosy, her face then pale and distant,
Eyes and ears tuned to the tummy tight,
Gazing movements listening for chords to be right,
Heart synchronizing to the soft thumps within,
Mind evaluating developments of bud there in,
Thoughts perpetually nurturing chaste and pure,
Listening, viewing, reading accounts of yore.

An aura buoyant even when he lay tacit in bed,
A reason to celebrate on his quest for getting up,
His first turn, to his nascent smile in response,
Complacent for us, looking forward to next stance,  
His toil to touch, hold to fingers tight, 
Giving a strength unseen, coveted support in sight,  
His strive to stride on his tender knees,
Muttering first syllables, rewarding with ease.
Mesmerized of his innocent daily trots,
I glance at her, glued to zoom saving sweet records.

Her carefree jigs then paving to stealthy steps,
Avoiding jerks and chance for slightest distress,
The slender stature graduating to stout and plump,
Giving space ample to flex and let baby crop,
Physically professed, mentally attuned although,
Strong for sure, clasping for support even though,
Desisting obsessions, all once fret - embracing,
Only for one - eating, drinking, working and resting.
Her paced months dreaming through day, living with inlay dwell,
I gaze at past, the sigh sublime to his mystic charm swell.    

Her journey of nine months with him in womb,
And excursion with him for next nine along,
A cautious endeavour then with plans profuse,
Pasturing to moments of treasure, trance in truce,
Anxious hours of testing, operating, waiting for news,
Treading to his tiny figurine laden with plentiful amuse,
No pain, no fear, no sorrow or shame developed,
But aches, craves, ecstasy and pride for sure cropped,
I wonder still to know which to call more divined,
For one is route, the other the fruit entwined.

(Devoted to a mother and child.
Dedicated to my wife and nine month old son.)

Note : As already stated in the dedication above, the poem is inspired sheer observation and experience of my life in the nine months pre and post birth of my son.

It was crafted in Aug 2009 and was originally posted on . The link to the page is as follows :   

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Request : Your feedback is a motivator. Do spare some of your valuable time to help me write better.

Aditya Sinha

Monday, 18 March 2013



Mom - thou art an Epitome of Sacrifice,
For you renounced all that thee cherished and once adorned,
Willingly and wishfully you decided to pay a matchless price,
To give me a being and bring me on this cosmic ground.

The very moment you bore me inside,
With ecstasy abound and dreams profound,
You trounced thy obsession for figure and stride,
And forwent the acrobats, starves, and parties around.

To marvel my tiny figurine in your celestial lap,
And embrace thy breast with notion divine,
You dispelled the fear of uncertainty in labor nap,
And relinquished all anxiety, apprehension and anguish in line.

For placid massage on my tender limbs,
With committed passion and conviction in firm stance,             
You parted your crush for Dad without grumble,
And bid adieu to craves, aches, lust and romance.

All through the night to pray and bring a sound slumber,
Instill chaste moral, deeper thoughts and dreams sweet,
You declined your sleeps, the bash and coveted endeavor,
And won over lulls and dulls, grief and grudge to moments of treat.

To abundance my path with ease, nurture my career swing,
And witness me scale the world’s venerated heights,                
You dumped your profession when on pinnacle thriving,
And mentored thy skills to my prospects with grits.

To enrich me with jewels in life at all time,
And cater to innumerable demands huge or wee,        `       
You yielded your aspirations through youth and prime,
And glimpse thou prudent dreams come true in me.

Even to experience me grow to the parenthood,
And live life with generations approach apart,
You resigned ideals, ideologies and institutions that stiffly stood,
And transformed to modern mood, lest my life thwart.

Revered thus thou stand an Epitome of Sacrifice,
For you renounced all that thee cherished and once adorned,
Perpetually, plentifully, persistently you paid an unparalleled price,
To make me a being and to put me to zenith all round.

Aditya Sinha

(A humble effort to pay tribute to the most revered and owned - Mummy, Mamma, Mother, Ma.)

This poem was written as a part of Women's day Contest 2009 organised by and was a winner of Best Post on the Occasion among all type of posts - prose, poetry, short story, narration, tribute etc.

The original blog post on Sulekha is

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sonnet To The Lighthouse


Lone though, thou stall afar, upright, principled, firm and warm,
To one and all, near or far, thou bestow your radiance regularly, profound,
Of every thumping waves reaching nigh, you endure the wrath with calm,
When shores disappear even ajar, you behold and guide the sailors to path sound.
Thou art an edifice earthly erected though, morals of ethereal abode you crown,
A dwelling for none you are, yet an adored shelter for all lost hopes in-found,
The fudging waves froth to high ebbs, eroding base and fogging, dragging vision down,
Yet you stand daunting all, and court the pavilion for treasures beneath abound.
A leader corporeally - un-ominous and astound, you stand aloof all year round,
 A friend de function, ready eternally to guide, rejoice, uphold or provide solace,
A philosopher – the veteran of truths, that of the vast sea, the life beneath and the air around,
A preacher by act, - of grit strong, humane touch, eagle eye and stride bold you address.
Thou art divine, earthly and heavenly aligned, lifeless though personified to be more true,
For all – be off or onshore, you form the character’s rendezvous.

Note :

Another gem from the past  written in 2008 -2009. Here, the Light House has been personified and depicted as a strong character. The essence is tried and composed in just 14 lines - a sonnet. Hope you all enjoy this.

Aditya Sinha

The original link to Sulekha is :

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The impact of My Lass – An Ode to My Valentine

The impact of My Lass – An Ode to My Valentine

In those golden days of yore,
When mind traversed free and pure, 
Visions profound had dreams deep and tender,
And Emotions abound knew no relationship slender,
Horizons beyond sky refrained to mark the bound,
And Fantasies developed to grow bigger and unbound.  

Thence you made your way my Lass,
                             Stealthily, steadily but eternally,
Only to craft and mentor your man,
                             Candidly, constantly and ever-lastingly.

The extending of hand unprecedented,
And hug of heart without fear but fervor,
The euphoria of lucid acceptance,
And the joy enormous and unparalleled,
Gave the confidence to surge ahead, 
Always, for everything, least fearing for outcome abound.

And thou continued your way, my Lass,
                             Stealthily, steadily but eternally,
Only to craft and mentor your man,
                            Candidly, constantly and ever-lastingly.

Your coming with thoughts confused,
Laying thy head on my shoulder diffused,
An atmosphere of sheer conviction,
And the aura of trust and faith as fiction,
Taught me to rationale my thoughts,
And be worthier still, devoted further and forever.

And thus you continued your way my Lass,
                             Stealthily, steadily but eternally,
Only to craft and mentor your man,
                             Candidly, constantly and ever-lastingly

Your tender readiness to submit and un-sublime,
With eyes shy and fervent benign,
A portray of serene charm and chastity,
And paradise of splendour and tranquillity combine,
Made me arduous to be laden with responsibility,
And be trustworthy still, controlling my emotions, sensibly, surer.

Still you paved your way my Lass,
                             Stealthily, steadily but eternally,
Only to craft and mentor your man,
                             Candidly, constantly and ever-lastingly

The palpable scold and the rage of fury squabble,
With love intense in eyes and melancholy deeper in soul,
An affection of relation unnamed, pure and true as in a fable,
And enigma though, a muddle of sentiments passionate and gentle,
Made me careful further, entrusted with commitment forever,
Taught the essence of time, perpetuity of past, present and future.

Further you paved your way my Lass,
                             Stealthily, steadily but eternally,
Only to craft and mentor your man,
                             Candidly, constantly and ever-lastingly

Your sweet succumb to world’s cruel truth,
With heart never in consensus to the mind in blue,
A dilemma of blissful realism or dismal destiny unseen,
And on cloud nine still, but with dubious thrill and wisdom numb.
Mentored me stern as nut with heart soft and caring yet,
An approach practical to life, be ready for worst, always hoping for the best.

And thus you not only paved your way my Lass,
                             Stealthily, steadily but eternally,
Only to craft and mentor your man,
                             Candidly, constantly and ever-lastingly

                             But dwell there perpetually my Lass
                             Concealed, coveted and revered for ever.

Aditya Sinha

End Note :

A very simple thought .... An Ode to one's Valentine. This runs through the developments of how a girl sets into the characters life and slowly becomes a part for ever.

This poem was written in Feb 2009 , for Sulekha, and was posted there around the same time as

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013



Today thy came to know, 
The reality of Parting - , 
- The immense sorrow, 
- And the depression un-abating. 

No, I wouldn't say "I loved you", 
But, there were things - I miss, 
My calculations may turn untrue, 
Yet there were things to bliss.

Thou art a flat firm face, 
Covered with God's Graciest Grace, 
Dark were the chuckling eyes, 
Yet did win me - many a prize.

A tender touch and a slender look, 
With the dusky hair behind the brook, 
All together you were really blessed, 
With not an undecipherable speck on your face to be traced.

Never we had a talk of concern, 
Yet had an understanding discern, 
Can such things be ever repeated, 
Seems joking and be rightly impossible treated.

Yet the departure undulating, 
Did teach me the eternity of Parting, 
The reality of life, 
That even through greatest agonies, not to strife.

The importance of people around, 
Yet not to lament for them on emotions ground, 
That's the reason  for thy sorrow, 
Unexpectedly which is beyond 'morrow.

Aditya Sinha

(This is a poem I wrote some 25 yrs back. I got it back through some treasured clips and shared it with the novels on Sulekha around four years ago.)

The original link is

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An Ode To Bulbul

- An Ode To Bulbul -

O dear Bulbul, My dear Bulbul,
Lovelorn I feel, to hear thy voice tuneful,
Of the Finch family large, you are the countess,
Tiny though you art, thy meters are boundless,
Sweetest of all the song-birds you singest,
Ethereal thou art and thy melody the purest.
High above the earth your soar,
While the earth beneath the azure you adore,
With the numbers innumerable, plaintiff and pure,
And make the Lord, nearer each time, than before.
The lyrics of kindness and equality you wreathe,
Of truth, with triumph you speak to breathe,
Of human humane humanity you sing,
And Eternal's eternity and chastity you spring.
Alone though, lonesome thou not art,
As closest to God you sojourn by craft,
Almighty’s special blessings thou begot,
To sprayeth thy will and play the messenger’s plot.
While soaring high, high, full high,
And reaching heaven’s right nigh,
Do express my will in your way, the best,
To be, one of you, in the life seeking next.
I pray to thee, O dear Bulbul, I pray to thee,
For Ethereal thou art, and the purest is your melody.

Aditya Sinha  'Lovelorn'

The poem was written in my school days, some 25 yrs ago.

Originally posted on My Sulekha Page in 2008-2009 as -

The poem recites about the eternal bliss that the tiny song bird Bulbul casts when it chirps while flying high. 



And now I have matured to write these ...

       छोटी सी आस                   करुण वंदना          Mother - An Epitome of Sacrifice                 Soulmate       मैं और मेरी तन्हाई 

Enigma Unfolded - Poems in English

Enigma Unfolded 

This blog page I have named as Facets of Adi . The page is so named to have all my poetic scripts at one place. Thus, first I am first trying to consolidate all my my poems from different blog sites where I have posted it earlier at one place here to make it easy for one to flip through the pages. 

Though my natural flow of thoughts is in English, I had been writing of and on, as and when I had some inspiration, be it personal or general both in English and Hindi.

I am trying to have it in two sections -
1. Hindi in Mere Panne (मेरे पन्ने)   and               
2. English in Enigma Unfolded.

Let me start from one of my school days creations. 

I am sure you would enjoy spending time here. Do write some lines whenever you get time. Your comments and suggestions are inspiration and motivator for any artist.


Aditya Sinha