Tuesday, 12 March 2013



Today thy came to know, 
The reality of Parting - , 
- The immense sorrow, 
- And the depression un-abating. 

No, I wouldn't say "I loved you", 
But, there were things - I miss, 
My calculations may turn untrue, 
Yet there were things to bliss.

Thou art a flat firm face, 
Covered with God's Graciest Grace, 
Dark were the chuckling eyes, 
Yet did win me - many a prize.

A tender touch and a slender look, 
With the dusky hair behind the brook, 
All together you were really blessed, 
With not an undecipherable speck on your face to be traced.

Never we had a talk of concern, 
Yet had an understanding discern, 
Can such things be ever repeated, 
Seems joking and be rightly impossible treated.

Yet the departure undulating, 
Did teach me the eternity of Parting, 
The reality of life, 
That even through greatest agonies, not to strife.

The importance of people around, 
Yet not to lament for them on emotions ground, 
That's the reason  for thy sorrow, 
Unexpectedly which is beyond 'morrow.

Aditya Sinha

(This is a poem I wrote some 25 yrs back. I got it back through some treasured clips and shared it with the novels on Sulekha around four years ago.)

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