Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Enigma Unfolded - Poems in English

Enigma Unfolded 

This blog page I have named as Facets of Adi . The page is so named to have all my poetic scripts at one place. Thus, first I am first trying to consolidate all my my poems from different blog sites where I have posted it earlier at one place here to make it easy for one to flip through the pages. 

Though my natural flow of thoughts is in English, I had been writing of and on, as and when I had some inspiration, be it personal or general both in English and Hindi.

I am trying to have it in two sections -
1. Hindi in Mere Panne (मेरे पन्ने)   and               
2. English in Enigma Unfolded.

Let me start from one of my school days creations. 

I am sure you would enjoy spending time here. Do write some lines whenever you get time. Your comments and suggestions are inspiration and motivator for any artist.


Aditya Sinha

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