Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sonnet To The Lighthouse


Lone though, thou stall afar, upright, principled, firm and warm,
To one and all, near or far, thou bestow your radiance regularly, profound,
Of every thumping waves reaching nigh, you endure the wrath with calm,
When shores disappear even ajar, you behold and guide the sailors to path sound.
Thou art an edifice earthly erected though, morals of ethereal abode you crown,
A dwelling for none you are, yet an adored shelter for all lost hopes in-found,
The fudging waves froth to high ebbs, eroding base and fogging, dragging vision down,
Yet you stand daunting all, and court the pavilion for treasures beneath abound.
A leader corporeally - un-ominous and astound, you stand aloof all year round,
 A friend de function, ready eternally to guide, rejoice, uphold or provide solace,
A philosopher – the veteran of truths, that of the vast sea, the life beneath and the air around,
A preacher by act, - of grit strong, humane touch, eagle eye and stride bold you address.
Thou art divine, earthly and heavenly aligned, lifeless though personified to be more true,
For all – be off or onshore, you form the character’s rendezvous.

Note :

Another gem from the past  written in 2008 -2009. Here, the Light House has been personified and depicted as a strong character. The essence is tried and composed in just 14 lines - a sonnet. Hope you all enjoy this.

Aditya Sinha

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