Monday, 18 March 2013



Mom - thou art an Epitome of Sacrifice,
For you renounced all that thee cherished and once adorned,
Willingly and wishfully you decided to pay a matchless price,
To give me a being and bring me on this cosmic ground.

The very moment you bore me inside,
With ecstasy abound and dreams profound,
You trounced thy obsession for figure and stride,
And forwent the acrobats, starves, and parties around.

To marvel my tiny figurine in your celestial lap,
And embrace thy breast with notion divine,
You dispelled the fear of uncertainty in labor nap,
And relinquished all anxiety, apprehension and anguish in line.

For placid massage on my tender limbs,
With committed passion and conviction in firm stance,             
You parted your crush for Dad without grumble,
And bid adieu to craves, aches, lust and romance.

All through the night to pray and bring a sound slumber,
Instill chaste moral, deeper thoughts and dreams sweet,
You declined your sleeps, the bash and coveted endeavor,
And won over lulls and dulls, grief and grudge to moments of treat.

To abundance my path with ease, nurture my career swing,
And witness me scale the world’s venerated heights,                
You dumped your profession when on pinnacle thriving,
And mentored thy skills to my prospects with grits.

To enrich me with jewels in life at all time,
And cater to innumerable demands huge or wee,        `       
You yielded your aspirations through youth and prime,
And glimpse thou prudent dreams come true in me.

Even to experience me grow to the parenthood,
And live life with generations approach apart,
You resigned ideals, ideologies and institutions that stiffly stood,
And transformed to modern mood, lest my life thwart.

Revered thus thou stand an Epitome of Sacrifice,
For you renounced all that thee cherished and once adorned,
Perpetually, plentifully, persistently you paid an unparalleled price,
To make me a being and to put me to zenith all round.

Aditya Sinha

(A humble effort to pay tribute to the most revered and owned - Mummy, Mamma, Mother, Ma.)

This poem was written as a part of Women's day Contest 2009 organised by and was a winner of Best Post on the Occasion among all type of posts - prose, poetry, short story, narration, tribute etc.

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