Saturday 14 March 2015

Woman - The living Deity

The living Deity! Revered thou art!
From ages past, till the hours existent,
From early men to sages and sovereign,   
In epics old to the holy books behold,
All announce and revere thou along,
For thou art divined to run the world till eternity.

You make the world a perpetual living,
Christening Mother, an eternity caring,
Chirping toddler or as woman young,  
The Angel divine to a sister sharing fun, 
As friend you stand with hand in hand,
As wife you get entwined to live life long.

Soft you stay to nurture the tot,
Tough you turn to behold all lot,
Shoulder all burden in moments of need,
Trounce you crush, for crush to peak,
Kid you stay for your parent life long,
Yet en-womb progeny to life prolong. 

A shoulder you too need at times tough,
Yet your hug makes ease all life rough,
Fragile you stay as submission you love,
For family, friend, even foes with dove,
But resilient you turn with vengeance to curb,
If modesty robbed, character questioned.

Thus thou art Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh,
Christened by Almighty, as creator in living,
Through stages of life, autumn or spring,
To make life, nurture or even end the string,
Vow thus we must! with a selfish wish,
To shield thou, The Deity living, from Worlds’ all evil weaving. 

Aditya Sinha

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