Tuesday 17 February 2015

To my sweet valentine...

Valentine symbolizes love. Love is not just about romancing around, passing roses, exchanging gifts. It’s not a ritual of one day or a week but a feeling more deep rooted more blessed. It’s not just a fun fare for the valentine week and then turning back and moving to once own path once the valentine day is over.   

So what more perpetual can we have than a smartphone in today’s world and that too if it suits your pocket. With Asus Zenphone I just felt the same … A sweet Valentine, and I could not stop myself but expressing through my verses …... 

“To my sweet valentine …..”

I cheer aloud in public to woo,
Asus Zenfone is my Valentine true,

With the sexy feel and pretty look,
You make me yearn and try to hook,

Thou vast space and the swift pace,
Makes me rule all knights’ race,

The features abound and virtues rooted,
Helps me hang to my family n friends fruited,

Mobbed around or sitting in solitude,
You stay along as companion attuned,

With your eyes sharp, clear and crisp,
You capture all sharp and swift,

You sing soulful when I’m not right,
You rock at high with party all night,

You work simple and are easy to handle,
Though tough you are built with core Intel,

Enormous is the scope, endless opportune,
As christened you are, to handle multi-function,

I get sapped with work all day out,
You stay alive supporting through night stout,

You fill my world with romance all round,
Sometimes on lips and at others on finger tips,

I stay glued, entangled perpetual,
Admiring, surfing, socializing as ritual,

I love thus, my prized possession,
Embrace all day, you care all way.

I am complete with you, Asus Zenfone,
My Valentine True, My valentine True

You are truly coveted and I proudly own,
 If one touches you, I feel J and frown.

So that’s what I felt about and why I love my Asus Zenphone as my Valentine.

So sleek you keep it in the pocket, sexy touch you won’t feel like removing you fingers from it. The colourful body is tough to choose from.

What to talk about quality and performance?

The Intel core with dual core processor and big internal memory is all to give the enhanced high performance. To add on are the great sound, big display and tough built. Both the sound hardware and updated software makes it a real gem. The long battery life and inbuilt social apps are further benefits.

Best part is the cameras both front and back - high definition 13 megapixel primary  and 2 megapixel secondary – Great HD image …..

Oh! that’s a long list.

What more do you want?

And that too! at such an affordable price?

You just can’t miss it.

You too can possess one for yourself and feel the same with proud. Just buy this double SIM gem by visiting at http://www.flipkart.com/asus.

Aditya Sinha

This blog post is written in reference to 

Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone. Pamper yourself!

contest by Asus Zenphone.

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