Friday 6 February 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Blogging is not a job or a profession – it’s a reflection of the interest of the personality. A medium one adapts to share and reveal. And thus in turn actually relieves oneself from day to days stress.

So recognition of interest is actually recognition of your personality. An award in any form elates you and when the award is for your interest your passion – you feel at the top of the world. Thanks Shweta – Thanks a lot for nominating me for the so special ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’. I am more delighted as this comes from a versatile blogger herself. Since the day I chanced through her page Sunshine and Zephyr -, I wait for something new to come esp. poems (as I myself like poems the most).

Shweta Dave – as she says about herself is a “management consultant with a perspective on everything”.  – Shweta - this is a part of the strength that I mention in my CV as my strength – Management at every level of my life.
She adds that her friends refer to her as loyal, moody and a person with whom one can comfortably confide anything – perhaps this is all which reflects in her writing. As a versatile blogger she pens poetry beautifully both in Hindi and English, even recites beautifully, and writes on varied other topics. “All the best” - Shweta.

Now as The Versatile Blogger Award rule says:

§  Display the award on your blog
§  Thank the person who nominated you
§  Share 7 facts about yourself
§  Nominate 15 blogs
§  Link your nominee’s blogs and let them know

Hmmm - 7 facts about me –

1.  I am a Management Professional in Media Industry – presently working as Unit Head with Media House – Hindustan Media ventures Ltd. and rolling out the Hindi Newspaper Hindustan daily in the city of Aligarh and around. Entangled in the web of numbers and carrying the team to dynamically make it available as the first thing in the morning is my priority.
2.  Perhaps simple & sensitive at heart, straight forward always ready to lend shoulders for heavy hearts – is what all say about me.
3.  Writing is my passion. From the days of writing letters to the modern days of blogging – I write to reflect. Most of the things I talk about – are things that have touched my heart – personally or socially. Poetry is the best form I feel to reflect through. I try my hands both in English & Hindi (Enigma Unfolded & Mere Panne).
4.  A perfectionist they say – But a perpetual learner - I feel. Sometimes when things in the society are going wrong – I put them in my articles.
5.  A cook for my family. I love cooking for my kids and my family even when I return from work late in the night. This acts as a stress buster for me. My recipes are on my page Regional Cuisine
6.  I respect womanhood. You would find this everywhere in my writings.
7.  I cherish relationship – My family and the people around are my world whom I would never like to drift away. All such experiences I write at Traversing Mind.

Oh that was tough….

Now my Nominations and the links:

As this blog page is basically for Poetry I would like to put the 15 names in Poetry format (giving justice to my page)
In the virtual world of Net,
I meet bloggers real reflect,
Some talk sweet, others critique,
Draw Memoir or Fiction treat.

Rhyming verses from reflecting Hearts,
Boiling Minds pouring Intellect,
Lands diverse from lands afar,
On a platform common unite alive.

From the class of all class apart,
I am told to select and nominate,
I flip through pages, ponder a lot,
Stay confused, for it’s a task of test.

Yet to honour my bloggers mate,
I include Indrani, Amrita, Nandini & Paresh
Shruti, Remya, Amita & Vikram,
Suman, Kokila, Megha, Saru as another some.

Tennyson, Chirag & Yogi makes my list complete,
Bloggers versatile, pardon me, if your names I missed,
My endeavour would remain further incomplete,
Without gratitude to Shweta, a versatile herself & made me one nominate.

 The Links :

14. Saru Singhal -
15. Chirag Joshi -

So that’s there. Thanks once again and all the best.

Aditya Sinha


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