Tuesday, 12 March 2013

An Ode To Bulbul

- An Ode To Bulbul -

O dear Bulbul, My dear Bulbul,
Lovelorn I feel, to hear thy voice tuneful,
Of the Finch family large, you are the countess,
Tiny though you art, thy meters are boundless,
Sweetest of all the song-birds you singest,
Ethereal thou art and thy melody the purest.
High above the earth your soar,
While the earth beneath the azure you adore,
With the numbers innumerable, plaintiff and pure,
And make the Lord, nearer each time, than before.
The lyrics of kindness and equality you wreathe,
Of truth, with triumph you speak to breathe,
Of human humane humanity you sing,
And Eternal's eternity and chastity you spring.
Alone though, lonesome thou not art,
As closest to God you sojourn by craft,
Almighty’s special blessings thou begot,
To sprayeth thy will and play the messenger’s plot.
While soaring high, high, full high,
And reaching heaven’s right nigh,
Do express my will in your way, the best,
To be, one of you, in the life seeking next.
I pray to thee, O dear Bulbul, I pray to thee,
For Ethereal thou art, and the purest is your melody.

Aditya Sinha  'Lovelorn'

The poem was written in my school days, some 25 yrs ago.

Originally posted on My Sulekha Page in 2008-2009 as -  


The poem recites about the eternal bliss that the tiny song bird Bulbul casts when it chirps while flying high. 



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  1. Fine poem. Though you wrote 25 years ago, it has all the facets of a great poem, even though it is from your school days.

  2. Thanks a lot Rathna. Your words are real motivator.