Friday, 27 March 2020

"Reflections" - Learnings of Life

"Reflections" - Adi's A to Z Theme Reveal 2020

                                - Learnings of Life

A to Z Challenge - writing  with alphabets A to Z - one each day -  is a real challenge. I have taken it twice in past. It was an enriching experience but an exhausting too. After a break of 3 yrs I'm back . This year I'll take four blogs a day.... different genre - different theme - different blog sites.
Crisp & Rhyming - the style that I love most -  the poetic  way .. what flows effortlessly. I'll take this as the style for this blog - I'll introspect and reveal - Right that's the theme - "REFLECTIONS" Learnings of Life, A poetic journey.  I am sure , you would love this. 

So now, stay with me - and this year enjoy the four blogs every day. A side from Reflections , there would be another poetry in HINDI. Aside from these there would be a food blog The Regional Cuisines of India & a fiction  Life just in 5 Sentences.

In the past as the challenge I wrote travelogue - all about Himachal Reflections from Adi - A to Z Challenge and made you travel throughout HP - the hill state of India. The next year I took two writings each day - One was my poetic journey Reflections on A to Z 2016 - Let the Soul Pour and the other was Festivals of India Reflections on A to Z 2016 - Festivals of India. 
So spare some time and tell me how I fared.

I am sure you would love this ... keep chipping in.

Aditya Sinha

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