Saturday, 11 October 2014


Divine perplex

Tiny Aves vivid and vibrant,
Chirping chaste clear and clement,
Announce eternally every morn,
Onset of new and wishful dawn,
For me to rub my dreaming eyes,
And open to World’s tender lies.

Trying to disown the portrait in mind,  
And fathom facts ahead twined.
I trot and tumble with daily course,
Ignorant thou memoirs tuned a-force,
Your carefree chatter, careful converse,
Making merry moments, blissful universe.

Our hours abound in clustered company,
Or solitary sitting in your symphony,
Solace in presence and forlorn when gone,
An emphatic shoulder for sulken opine,
All for sure in the daily cuisine,
Making a mark perpetual and divine.

Weaving accounts, shrugging worries,
Exploring answers, pondering on queries,
Clumsy thoughts, recurring profound,
Lost in self, among all abound,
Living the dreams, dreaming to live,
I try to conquer the quest skeptical believe.

Frowned within, yet pacifying self,
Fighting odds, trying for an even shelf,
With worries within yet hopes burning,
Howling heart and yet eyes chirping,
Gulping, swallowing, refuting, trucing,
I stand composed expressing un-expressing.
All through the day with light bright,
Mind awaken and eyes open wide,
For all big and small, you around,
Heart pounding, intelligence unsound,
I jostle, in jumble to get unconsciously right,
Even the day crumbles, giving way to twilight.

I sojourn and embrace the dark and doomy night,
With twinkling stars, and brighter rays of light,
With visions clear, dreams to form with its norm,
Thumping heart to harmonize with intellect of form,
In hope to get enlighten and find peace of mind,
I let them sublime, for an answer to perplex, divined.

Aditya Sinha

This poem was crafted in response to an online writing contest eyc 63 which was being run on and hosted by Meera & Sunkan about 5 yrs back and bagged the first runner up position.

It can be read along with the comments received at that time at 

The poem has a second part as .........
A continuation of this, character in slumber - "Perplex to Passion"

Image : Courtesy Internet.

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