Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Romance with Solitude

Romance with Solitude

Alone though lonesome I not feel,
As in solitude I tie knot to discover and reveal,
I adore the past, uncover and peel, 
Recount accounts, learn to fulfill zeal.

I let my mind traverse and flow,
Thoughts sublime, Horizons disband,
Agonies abound, anguish unsound,
Frustrations buried all propel out.

I reason them, learn from all,
Relive the past, plan the drive path,
Tough I become, Tougher to go forth,
With mirror upfront and Solitude taught.

Follows in pride the moments of joy,
Nascent meets, friends and feast,
Encounters sweet, Success tweets,
All in sync and make the heart swell.

I treasure lived, rejoice them all,
Paint memoirs, rejuvenate anew,
Young I become, Younger to go forth,
I embrace myself, love the solitude romance.

Aditya Sinha


This is in reference to #solitude

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